What’s going on here?

This site started as a gathering place for members of a former super group called Urban Renewal who have been homeless since City of Heroes, the game we all played, was shut down on November 1st 2012.  We keep in touch and stay up to date on news and changes going on in the field of MMO’s as well as any CoH news that pops up from time to time.

In addition to that, I’ll also be providing some commentary periodically about games and gaming as well as whatever else strikes my fancy, since there’s only so much talking about a dead game we can actually do.

Who am I?  I’m LockOn, or at least I was in CoH.  Some of you know me quite well.  For those that don’t or are new, Hi!  I’m just an average person who’s played video games for 30 some odd years.  No other experience or expertise in the field.  But don’t worry.  That won’t stop me from throwing my opinions out there, one way or another.  Welcome.  Feel free to comment on anything you see here.  It’s nice to meet you, feel free to put your feet up.

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