MMO Mechanics

This page will house permanent links to all of my essays on MMO Mechanics as well as future essays on the topic I will be adding later on when I get around to writing them.  It’s sole purpose is to just put all of my  MMO mechanics essays in one easy place for reference and work going forward.  Those essays are linked below.


MMO Mechanics: MMO Economies

This post I discuss the wierdness of MMO Economies, what some of the better ones do, and what differentiates a good simulated economy from a bad one.


MMO Mechanics: Loot

Here I talk about some of the awful mechanics in modern MMO’s around loot management, how loot can clash with crafting, and offer some alternatives to common loot problems in vertically-progressive MMO’s.



This post rounds out my series on the economics of MMO’s and goes into details on modern MMO cafting mechanics.  It covers the difference between crafting and collecting, and how in many MMO’s the two are equated together.  It also talks about alternative crafting mechanics, and making things for others as perhaps the best use of the collecting as crafting mechanic.


The Secret to MMO Class Design

This post goes on an entertaining rant about how many MMO’s these days, appear to be losing interest in the MMO portion of the game and instead build giant single player games with a chat box built in.

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