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“Choking On it’s Own Tail”

I’ve only recently been made aware of “Saving Zelda,” an essay by Tevis Thompson, and the follow up graphic novel that resulted from that essay, called Second Quest, released this year on April 22nd. Second Quest is a masterwork of … Continue reading

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Research and future MMO Mechanics articles

So I’m having some difficulty right now, simply deciding on the next piece of the series I want to cover.  My series on MMO mechanics was meant to be a comprehensive look at as many systems in an MMO as … Continue reading

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Short Break this week….

Back next week with more and better content, hopefully.  See you soon!

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The Past and the Future of MMOs has been hitting it out of the park this week, and there are a pair of articles on their site worth diving deeper on today. The first article, is their list of the greatest MMO’s of all time.  It … Continue reading

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“You’re already drowning in compromise”

David Brothers is a writer who is one of the best I’ve ever read. His prose is riveting and his logic is superb. While he comes from the world of comics, there’s a lot of universality to the things he … Continue reading

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Problem Guild Players and Social Contracts

So in perusing my links this week, I came across this great video by Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down, a board game review site.   While the video is focused on board games and the dynamics that players … Continue reading

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Urbanite Update and Links Links Links!

Okay, today we highlight others who are doing really great work as well as a few housekeeping chores for those Urbanites who still pop in every now and again. A reminder for all of those who backed the City of … Continue reading

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The Secret to MMO Class Design

Psssst.  Hey.  Come here.  I gotta secret I want to tell you.  Everybody who’s making MMO’s these days?  Yeah, they’re doing classes wrong.  Way wrong.  And it’s primarily why MMO’s can’t seem to rise above the current level they’re at.  … Continue reading

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This post is a continuation of a series of posts I’m running on MMO mechanics.  The good, the bad, what could be done better.  The first post in the series on MMO Economies is here.  Next up is loot, which … Continue reading

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Updates and Future Plans

So quite a lot going on lately out in the field.  I’ve been kept very busy with work lately what with a host of inter-office politics and people leaving and being removed.  Combined with the fact that I’m actively job-seeking … Continue reading

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