Urbanite Update for Spring 2016

Okay, so social news for today.

We have a regular and somewhat large group still running on Guild Wars 2.  Though sadly, I cannot bring myself to play that game for any length of time.  Partly due to hardware issues I’m currently suffering, and partly because the game is not much fun for me right now.  Perhaps I should consider a bag upgrade and make it so that I can avoid inventory management for huge play sessions at a time as opposed to the current onerous workload that the game makes it.

I’ve decided to give Firefall another try, in an effort to alleviate my fantasy doldrums.  Downloaded the 10 gig client and gave it a go last night.  It kept me engrossed for a solid 2 hours but sadly, not as much time on actual playing.  I was able to level up from 1 to 10 and that forced me to spend a lot of time doing inventory management.  I will be trying it out a bit more later on though and see if it’s made any significant improvements to the game since I first tried it out so long ago.  If you play Firefall give me a yell, (LockOnCoH) and we can kill aliens together.

But first, you’re invited to a party!!!!


Thursday April 28th, to celebrate the launch date of City of Heroes, The Cape Radio is having a party using Paragon Chat.  If you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the character creator, come by between 3pm and 11pm Eastern, and relive the glory days.  I’ll be on and off throughout the day but there will be trivia and costume contests and hopefully a good crowd in Atlas Park that night.


linkExtra Credits just put up a new video talking about what skills a game designer should learn in school.  It’s certainly pertinent to our conversation last week, and an interesting discussion in it’s own right.

Two new classes are available in Black Desert Online this week, the Maehwa and the Musa.  Both are a pair of melee aoe specialists with some good looking tricks up their sleeves.  This is a game I hope to delve more deeply into once my hardware issues are resolved.

Crowfall continues to get more and more interesting and if you’d like to watch how an MMO is made from the ground up, it’s a great place to lose an afternoon perusing through their update history.

That’s it for now Urbanites.  Hope to see you on the 28th.  I’ll update with my Paragon Chat ID if anyone wants to come find me later tonight after I get home.

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