Urbanite Update for Winter 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and since it’s long overdue, I figured I’d post on all that was going on with City of Titans right now.  Because it’s been so long, there’s actually quite a bit of stuff to share.

First, no news on NCSoft releasing the rites for the server software for City of Heroes.  That is still, in negotiations, as far as anyone can tell.

Quite a few links on City of Titans though.  My favorite today is a link from an article back in October (I told you it’s been a while).  This was a brief interview with War Cabbit, and it covered a wide range of topics from where they were in development to what kinds of PvE and PvP we should expect in the game.  Great summation article for things going on if you’re interested in just a quick one pager.

In the meantime, Missing Worlds Media has released several updates through their kickstarter website that are worth mentioning.

First, there was a brief run down on travel powers and how those are coming along in the game from back in October.

Next, we had a holiday update at the end of December.  This one was reasonably exciting as there are links to multiple videos of things like traveling in the city, combat, and even a sample mission test showcasing where they are in the process.  It’s still rough and still needs lots of work, but the groundwork is being laid.

Where can you find us Urbanites, right now?  Well there’s still a group deep in Guild Wars 2 on the Janathir Isle server.  There’s also been a few of us hanging out on WoW on Earthen Ring as well.  Feel free to leave a comment if you’re playing and know where more of us are, or if you’re in need of some Urban Renewal assistance.

Lastly a few links for your reading pleasure.


J3w3l at Healing the Masses goes off on a rant that warms my heart.  Turns out the publisher running Blade and Soul, the new eastern themed MMO, are running some cash shop shenanigans that made her none too happy.  What company is trying to screw over their customers, again?  You’d never believe me if I told you.  (Psssst.  It’s NCSoft.  Yes, shocking.)

The Overwatch Beta will be coming back in February with a new gameplay mode.  This looks a lot like the kind of gameplay that the Mass Effect 3 multi-player had and that was super fun.  Worth a look.

Crowfall also made an announcement about how character classes will work in the game, giving rise to some interesting possibilities.  That game is shaping up to be enough of a draw that I may consider playing it despite the PvP only gameplay.

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