Problem Guild Players and Social Contracts

So in perusing my links this week, I came across this great video by Quinns from Shut Up and Sit Down, a board game review site.


While the video is focused on board games and the dynamics that players bring to board games, I think a lot of what he says applies to guilds, guild events, and guild management as well.  In the video, he offers some great advice for dealing with problem players and really focuses in on something that we tend to forget.  Sitting down and playing together, whether it’s at a board game or an MMO, is a social contract that you are making with other people for the purposes of having fun together.  Different people have different definitions of fun, and it’s important that we find ways for everyone to be able to have it when we come together.  Go watch the video, Quinns is really on point, and it’s so much better than me trying to explain it.



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