Urbanite Update and Links Links Links!

Okay, today we highlight others who are doing really great work as well as a few housekeeping chores for those Urbanites who still pop in every now and again.

A reminder for all of those who backed the City of Titans project, the time limit to get your name on the backer wall is coming to a close, so get that in if you want to/can.

We’re also actively running dungeon runs in GW2 right now on Saturday nights for those that are interested.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment here for details.

And now for links!


Note:  Most of these links come from Omar Elaasar who did some great curation of games writing on Twitter the other day.  His work can be found here, and I particularly liked his piece on video game difficulty levels.

Permission to Fail

Gita Jackson is brilliant and everyone should be reading her.

The Framerate Debate

True Romance: Sex Ed through Games

On Colonialism

John Thyer has some amazing insights into some themes we’ll be talking about here in the near future (hint: limiting player choices).

There are no Safety Nets

Designing Drama

A Mega-Man 2 Dissection

The Maturity of Zelda 2

Lana Polansky is ridiculously talented and we don’t deserve her.  She’s 401 level material guys, but I swear just reading some of her work makes me feel smarter.

Against Flow

Coherence and Dissonance

Lastly, J3w3l has a great observation on the “dumb races” found in many MMO’s, and the way these races are problematic with their blatant societal and racial stereotypes built into their design.  This is not okay MMO game developers!  Stop doing it!

Origin of Annoyance

I have dozens more links to share but this is enough for now.  This was supposed to be a ten minute post and then on to other things this week, and of course, I started following all the great links and now my time is GOOONNEEEEEE!


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