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So quite a lot going on lately out in the field.  I’ve been kept very busy with work lately what with a host of inter-office politics and people leaving and being removed.  Combined with the fact that I’m actively job-seeking and you can imagine that it’s costing me quite a bit of time outside of work that’s eating into my writing time.  Regardless, we press on.

I’m finally healthy enough again that I can afford to split my focus up a bit and do various things.  My draft on crafting mechanics is coming very soon and hopefully that will be available mid-week next week.  From there, there’s quite a few bits of mechanics left to discuss.  Social systems, class and leveling, and I’ve still got my fancy pants idea for weather to throw out there too.  At some point I feel like I need to really address genre in MMO’s as well, as that seems to be something that just doesn’t get enough attention.  So plenty left to write about still, it’ll get here.  eventually.

For those who missed my open love letter last week to Paragon Chat and the ghosts of the past feel free to check it out.  It’s probably one of my favorite pieces I’ve done recently and if I don’t toot my own horn, nobody else is going to, that’s for sure.

And now some links:

Over on Offworld, a remarkably unsettling and artistic look at the gamification of the world.  It was quite touch to watch(which is kinda the point) but I hope people will take a look at it anyway as it’s something that we will be forced to discuss further soon enough, whether we want to or not.

On a lighter note, Alec Meer over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun has a hilarious and amazing series of diary entries chronicling his Metal Gear Solid V exploits.  As a newcomer to the series (something I can relate to), his take on some of the crazier aspects of the game are laugh out loud funny.

Oh, and Transformers Devastation will be out 10/6.  That is all.

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