Come Fly With Me


Come fly with me.  We can listen to the wind from the top of the Statue of Atlas right next to City Hall.  You could get lost with me in the un-mapped forests of Perez Park.  We can dive down into the Hollowing, or we can go on a super speed footrace around the interstates of Skyway City.  I’ll show you the statue of Talos and the island he protects.  We can race around the streets of Steel Canyon, zigging and zagging at top speed, as we dodge sky scrapers and overly-high curbs alike.  I will fly you out over the waters of Independence Port, watch out for the giant squid and ghost ships.  And then we can see the towers of the Terra Volta Nuclear Reactor (from a distance of course), and I’ll show you where I met some of my favorite people, every one of them amazing.  Darkskie, Wild Thyme, Sub-Pulse, and Sel.

I can show you doorways to other dimensions and then, we can defy reality together as we burst through them.  I’ll take you on a tour of the Chantry, and you can see the infamous Rikti Crash Site for yourself.  I can show you where we fought Babbage and the Kronos Titan.  Well, a few of the places we fought those guys.  They got around.  And you can catch your breath in the hidden lounge put into a wall by the devs in Faultline.


I can show you an ancient underground city steeped in magic, and a complete and fully functioning sewer tunnel system, made back when developers thought such attention to detail would come in handy later.  I can show you where the greatest threats to humanity lived, and where the heroes that fought them congregated.  We can go to the past and explore a lost Greek civilization, thriving with the gifts of the gods.  We can come back to the present, you can see a shining beacon of humanity, at it’s absolute peak.  And the lies that rotted out it’s foundations, dooming it and all who lived there to death.

I can take you down a ski slope that feels so real, you’ll remember the air as it bites into your skin and scours your lungs clean as you go.  Then we can warm ourselves by a fire in a lodge that’s suspended in mid-air.  Ever seen a super-villain volcano base?  A carnival of shadows?  A haunted mansion, complete with hedge maze?  I can show you one.  Or all.  All you have to do is come fly with me.

I can introduce you to Scarab’s wit, and Mouse’s cleverness.  You can flirt with Tera.  He is incorrigible though, you’ve been warned.  We can laugh with Muddy and Blu, and rely on Turtle to remind us when we’re missing something important in-game or out.  Rej will always listen to you, even when you’re just bitching.  And few are as reliable or as capable at EVERYTHING as Phantom Meltdown.  Duskfall will never stop encouraging you and if you ever need a dose of humble, Uncarnate has you covered.  Freeze Warning is the clever contrarian though you will find few as willing to shake things up for the pure sake of shaking them up, as I.  Come fly with us.  It will be, fun.  I promise.

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