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I swear sometimes it feels like this is a regular feature….

This week’s post was supposed to be about Loot and how that can and maybe should work, but the draft for that is not yet fit for human eyes.  So in the mean time.

I think I mentioned Ralph Koster a few times on the blog.  I really need to pick up his book when I can but his website is a treasure trove of amazing game design and theory essays.  One of my favorites that I keep pouring over right now is this 2 part essay on why levels suck.  It avoids the discussion of vertical versus horizontal progression completely and offers some really great insights as to what game designers should be trying to accomplish.  This is just some of the reading informing my series on MMO Mechanics and I highly recommend it.

Paul Ford wrote an amazing piece for Bloomberg on what code is.  It was amazing to read, though I am heavily biased as I have a programming background.  But it’s a good read for anyone who wants to understand what programmers think sometimes and too good to pass up.

J3w3l has another great piece up on the crafting mechanics of Albion and how those along with some other guild rules are fostering a real sense of need in her for her other players, something that many modern MMO’s fail to grasp at.  I’ve thrown my two cents in on it over there and you should too.

Go to and read everything.  Yes, all of it.

And that’s all I’ve got for now, gang.  Next week, my second piece on MMO mechanics is all about loot and we’ll round out the topic of MMO economies the following week with a discussion of crafting.  See you then.

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