E3 Coverage and an Urbanite Update

Killing two birds with one stone today, I thought I’d discuss where to go for coverage of E3 as well as a few updates to note.

A week or so ago, when it came out my long time tanker from City of Heroes contacted me, bursting with excitement.  Fallout 4 had been announced and I just had to talk about it on my blog.

Here’s 2 minutes of gameplay footage.

And here’s the original game announcment trailer.

I’ve got Fallout 3 saved in my Steam queue waiting for me to play.  Unfortunately I don’t have much of an opinion on the series, but when your tanker gets this excited about something, you make your tanker happy,  damn it.  This was the dude who stood in front of EVERY horrible thing I ever aggroed and pulled it off of me so that I wouldn’t die horribly every 2 seconds.  And I aggroed a lot.  LOT.  So he gets a plug for Fallout 4.  Go check it out.

For standard coverage of E3, you can mostly go anywhere on the internet.  For a different and way cooler discussion of E3, check out the coverage produced by Offworld.com.  Leigh Alexander keeps knocking it out of the park again and again and her breakdowns of both the Sony and Microsoft keynotes are on point.  She hits the good stuff, ignores the bad, and still discusses the inside baseball better than anyone else out there.  Go check her stuff out.



Nintendo didn’t go to E3 this year and sadly there’s no Offworld coverage of their Nintendo Direct Event for E3, so you’re stuck relying on my own opinions of the event.  The 3DS is getting a new team Zelda game, similar to 4 swords, and a new team Metroid game as well.  The Wii U is getting Mario Maker, a game that will let you make your own Super Mario levels and Xenoblade Chronicles X.  That’s the letter X not the roman numeral ten.  This is a mecha combat fighting giant dinosaur/kaiju things on another planet.  I expect it will seriously scratch my giant robots/sci fi itch for quite a while.

At least until Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out in December of 2016.  God who are we kidding, they’ll never hit that date.  But yes, independent of any publisher news, Bioware put their first trailer for the new Mass Effect game up.  See it here.

Speaking of giant robots from space, I’d be a bad fan not to point out that Activision has announced Transformers: Devastation for Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, PS4, and PC.  Everyone who seems to have grown up in my era has that one toy property they latched onto as kids and never let go.  For me it’s Transformers.  I was there in the theaters in 1986, bawling my eyes out, watching Optimus Prime die.  While the products have changed styles and forms over the years, Activision seems to be playing right to me specifically.  Look at this trailer.

It’s being made by Platinum Games, the people who did Mad World, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengerance, and the Bayonetta series.  Their pedigree is solid and it looks like for the first time ever, they’re going to combine both aspects of vehicle and robot mode in combat in some fashion.  And look at it.  JUST LOOK AT IT!  It’s gorgeous.  I’ve always thought Cell-Shading worked really well for anime based games but it makes the G1 Transfomers look absolutely amazing.  Also, most of the original voice cast from the G1 series has been pulled in to provide voice work (including both Peter Cullen and Frank Welker and if you don’t know who those guys are, sorry non-fans) and oh my god shut up.  I’ve been waiting for this game since 1986.  Just shut up already, I’m allowed to fan-boy out sometimes.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.  Urbanites can be found on Guild Wars 2 right now, on the Isle of Janathar if memory serves correctly.  Please enjoy my horribly unprofessional review of E3 and also the actual professional reviews I linked to above.  See you next time.

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