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Heavy reading this week from Leigh Alexander and Lana Polansky.  Leigh points to a piece at Gamer that lambasts “Nerd Culture” as a market driven force for consumerism.  Lana points to a scholarly piece that deconstructs the terms nerd, geek, and a few others and brings the hammer down on nerd culture as both racist and misogynistic by default of its construction.  Both posts are long and deep, but Leigh summed them both up admirably in this tweet:

If you create in any medium don’t keep promoting infantile brand fetish culture and false persecution.  Sorry that’s so mean of me lol

Steam is currently running a Batman sale this weekend.  All of the Arkham games are 4.99 right now.  I picked up Origins and want to give it a shot, as it’s the current black sheep of that gaming family.

I’ve taken a small break from video games for a while and instead have been watching the Fast and Furious movie series for a bit of escapism.  It’s weird to me how I love the Fast and the Furious as a franchise and yet can’t point to any single movie as actually good or worth the investment I’ve put in.  The first movie in the series was actually pretty bad, but the character work established and the way the series has unfolded since then has kept me watching.  Some of the movies do get to a level of fun and enjoyment that’s made the time investment worth it. But it all seems to me to be built on the foundational work of the earlier movies that came before.  So the series exists in some kind of meta phase for me where I like the series but just can’t place any single movie in a watch or watch again column (though 5 and 6 I do recommend, but only if you know what happened in the first 4.  Argh!  See???)   I’m still processing the 6th film, which I saw just last night.  Watching them though has made me realize how badly I want to be Vin Diesel’s friend.  The dude just oozes cool and his on-screen presence is mesmerizing.

Yeah I’m all over the place today.  Not much time to focus or do stuff this week.  More next week, hopefully better.

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