Urbanite Update for Spring 2015

Haven’t had many of these lately as there wasn’t that much to talk about.  But we’ve got a few things today to go over.

Missing Worlds Media had a big update this week on the anniversary of City of Heroes opening with a look at their in progress costume creator and some early combat mechanics going on.  Promising stuff.  The video is below and a link to the update is here.


The Isle of Janthir is the current server/shard that Urban Renewal is hanging out at in Guild Wars 2.  Thanks to a very generous sponsor I’ve been able to try the game out without giving NCSoft any money myself for it.  I will be providing a more full review of the game at a later time, so something to look forward to with that.

CDq1-WdXIAEhg6Y.png large

While it’s not quite the same here is the badge for the City of Heroes 11th anniversary!  Official and fully sanctioned no less.  Another Lore event is coming where Matt Miller will be answering questions about the game.  I’ll post a link when I see it.  Previous lore events can be found on the Titan Forums here.

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