2 Years of RFTF!

Who knew I’d last this long.


But 2 years of weekly updates is nothing to laugh at.  Especially given it’s a lone person trying to write with regular and interesting things to say about video games, media, and other things, while barley breaking past 10 visitors a day.  That’s not true, according to my site stats I’m actually averaging about 12 visits a day.  So for all of you that do come by and regularly check me out, thanks.  It means a lot and it helps keep me going.

So let’s celebrate.  What have I written in the past year that’s worth remembering and repeating here and now.  In no particular order we have:

One of my favorite posts for the year was my defense of MMO’s as theme parks.  I got some great feedback on this post and thought it was one of my best of the year.  While I was a bit bitchy with the writer who I linked to in that post, if I could go back I’d edit that to be a bit less confrontational.  I still feel like the points made in the article are valid and regardless of me taking pot shots at professional writers, it’s still a great post.

One of the more important posts I feel like I published last year was what to do if you’ve been doxxed.  If you’ve been exposed online and your information is out in the wild, there are a host of links and places you can go to from that post to get help and move forward dealing with your situation.  Crash Override was a site that launched last year that is designed specifically to help with these kinds of situations and they are a non-profit group of amazing people doing amazing things.  The people in charge of that site also wrote many of the links I refer to in that original piece, so there’s that too.

Along those lines, a fix for the problem of cruelty in games was linked here.  It’s too good not to link to again so I recommend it again, if you click on nothing else today.

Nostalgia and modern video games, Fixing the MMO Trinity, and Sex OR Gaming and the Death of the Pause button, were all articles with an emphasis on game design and what makes good game design.  And probably a bit too much personal information as well, but whatever.

Seeing a lack of City of Heroes news on the site this year, I did call out how much Overwatch looks just like City of Heroes.  Just saying.

And lastly, I brought up how the Multi-verse is slowly collapsing and soon we’re all going to be playing with our Batman, Captain America cross over toys soon.

So that was the best from this past year, what about next year?  I still have a few more pieces to get out including a discussion of alternate mechanics in MMO’s.  I’d like to do a piece a week for the next month on alternate systems of things like MMO economies, crafting systems, gear, weather, content creation, and who knows what else.  But that’s going to run over a month for sure with just that list.  We’ll see what I can get out as time permits.

In the meantime, let me just thank everyone for stopping by and visiting.  I’ve got several projects in the works right now, some of them public and some not so public and it’s always a huge validation to see that the site gets some people visiting every week.  Even if it is just the same 4 or 5 of you all the time.  Thanks for stopping by.  I promise I’ll make next year just as interesting and thanks again for riding along.

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