Happy 2015, Urbanites!

So let’s talk.  First, some reminders.  If you’re playing anything right now and are looking for people to engage with or join you in some activity, just let me know!  Respond in comments or shoot an email to LockOn@reportsfromthefield.com.  I can’t seem to stop playing Mass Effect 3 multi-player, so come join me in my addictions.  We shoot xenophobes and other racists in the face!  Good times.  I’m also aware that Mumble is being utilized on Friday nights for a table top RPG of some kind.

I still can’t link enough to this piece from Game Dimension on all the various successor projects.  It’s a great summary and i”ll be referring back to it frequently as I try to update on any news I get on the projects.

I have not paid enough attention to Valiance Online.  This is a game that’s on Steam Greenlight and is desperately trying to honor the whole spirit of City of Heroes bit and deserves some more attention.  I have had absolutely no time to investigate the game more deeply, but as I understand it, the setting is a post 21st century super hero romp.  The game uses archtypes and power sets which is a win in my book, and the list of powers available at this pre-alpha stage is impressive.  I will try and spend some time with the pre-alpha and see what it has to offer us and get some more info for you on the next update.  But given the fact that they’re openly advertising their pre-alpha, this is a bonus worth remembering.

City of Titans recently had their “12 days of Dev Mas” update with pics of various costume bits they’re working on.  Some under the hood stuff is mixed in there too, so check it out if you’re interested.

Heroes and Villains is still chugging along, but no major reveals yet on anything. This is another project I need to spend some more time exploring so hopefully as time progresses that will happen.

All other projects are quiet, which we should take as a no news equals good news for now.

Next week we’ll be talking about Jenn Frank and her article on the death of the pause button.  Any good MMO player has known it’s been dead for a long time but her article is spot on and one of my favorites so we’ll be talking more about that next week.  It’s so weird, I’ve got a schedule and a plan!  See you there.

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