Merry Christmas everyone!


The problem with having a full time job, a family, several interesting and time-consuming hobbies, and not enough sense to realize you can’t do it all is that eventually you need to sleep.  I’ve been wrapping gifts every night till 2 am for the past week and then playing some Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer because it is awesome.  But the crash is coming.

So no new writing for now.  I now remember why I officially cut blogging short last year.  I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season, no matter what you celebrate.  We’ll talk more games and stuff in the new year.  I’m personally working on putting together a whole month of discussions around new systems and things to do about MMO’s differently then we’ve seen before.  My post about fixing the MMO trinity has gotten me thinking about all kinds of systems that could be redone and made new.  Looking forward to it.  Hope to see you all later.  Stay safe.

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