Dice Systems and Game Design


So today’s post was supposed to be all about the Trinity of MMO’s and why it’s terrible.  This is clearly not that post.  I’m still doing some research on this and searching for the best words for the post, but along the way I came across this little bit of research that I thought was worth sharing.

This was a post on linear versus non-linear dice systems and specifically focused on the whole 3D6 vs D20 argument that fans of most tabletop RPG’s will be familiar with.  The thing I like most about this post is that it doesn’t really state that one is better then the other (and that’s because they’re not), but instead tries to focus on what system is good for what purpose.  I’m brutally paraphrasing but non linear systems like the 3D6 tend to model reality better, while D20 systems allow more dynamic game play situations to occur.  The article also goes over modifiers and how differently they act depending on what system you use.

It really made me think about how to accurately model systems in real life with numbers and how to apply that to game design.  But I am interested in game design, theory, and other things of that nature though, so your mileage will vary.  Next week we’ll get into my post on the Holy Trinity of class design with MMO’s, I promise.

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