Urbanite Update for Mid-Fall 2014

These updates, for my original super group, can get tough to do sometimes.  Without a regular game to call home and talk about the latest going-ons with it, and given that we’re spread pretty wide and far, it can be tough to know what to write here every month, hence my irregular monthly schedule with these things.

Still someone appreciates these things, I think.  So far it looks like Guild Wars 2 is continuing to be a semi-regular home for the Urbanites for now.  I’ve been contemplating a lessening of my current embargo on all NCSoft products.  Because I know you all defer to my judgement on what to buy and play, right?  Hello???

I picked up a coupon key to try out Wildstar again and I did so, making it all the way to level 15 before my time ran out.  It was enough to see the capital city (though not get a hover board, sadly), and also try out the housing stuff.  I’ve seen better.  Hell, I’m playing better right now.  When your home customization level is on par with Talking Tom, you don’t really get that many points.  Sorry guys.

I played an engineer which was kind of fun.  Some of the classes in the game have powers that root you with activation and this baffles me.  For a game that is all about looking at the ground and moving around the colored circles that it puts there, that several classes root you every time you attack makes zero sense.  The warrior, stalker, and (especially) the gunslinger all have powers that root.  I let the quest chains yank me around for a while until it all became exhausting.  MMO’s that have trainers you have to go and physically visit to level up your powers is an out of favor design element, but I miss it.  Having to stop and take that little break between all the chasing stuff and “problem solving” you have to do, always helped to break up the action and provide a way to take stock and catch your breath.  Now if I stop to read a power description in the field, I’m going to get stepped on by a crystal-rock-techno-giant.

Wait, wait!  I'm trying to figure out if this ability will give me a 2% moxy buff or a 3% cuddle bonus!

Wait, wait! I’m trying to figure out if this ability will give me a 2% moxy buff or a 3% cuddle bonus!

Still it wasn’t all bad.  It felt like an MMO, which is something?  I suppose all this is leading up to me saying that if you want to play it, you sho…..ah hell.  Don’t buy any NCSoft games.  They’ll just take your money and the games are terrible too.  Whew.  Thought I was slipping there.

If any Urbanites have anything going on, please leave a comment below and let the rest of us know what’s up.  It’s always good to hear from you guys.  Until next week.

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