The Urbanite Update September Edition

Hey there Urbanites.

So not much activity going on in the community at the moment to report.  I’m aware table top gaming sessions are still going on and various other parties are wandering around places like Guild Wars 2, DCUO, and I think a few are in Wildstar too.  As always, drop a comment below or shoot me an email and I will do my best to let you know where the Urbanites are, if you’re looking for good people to group up with.

Also, I was going through some old folders and discovered I had this logo created for the group, that I don’t think I ever even shared with anyone.  I think the main reason I didn’t share it is because the logo on it was so cheesy, but better late than never I suppose.


Those that are most interested have already seen this info from Massively about the efforts to resurrect City of Heroes.  But for those who haven’t, talks continue to bring the game back in some form or another.  The news is bittersweet for me as there were several things in the final beta update that I thought were essential for the game, and the deal being discussed leaves those items on the table.  There’s also very little chance that any new development will be done on the game even if they are able to bring it back to life, which means it will be more of a shambling zombie-like life than any true game we had in the past.  Still, it’s a chance to get back to my City and while I’m disappointed it’s not more, I suppose it’s bad form to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Even if it’s still just a phantom horse.

There hasn’t really been much news to report on City of Titans lately.  They are progressing as they always seem to do, though the fact that the lead for City of Titans is the same guy who has also been working on getting City of Heroes resurrected has me confused somewhat.  Regardless, I’ve been rather disappointed with the game’s prospects since I realized that they have been planning to launch without blasters from nearly the beginning.  Announcing it was bad enough, but every time I’ve inquired as to the why of the decision, I’ve found the answers to be increasingly unsatisfying.  I’ve detailed my reasons for why I think it’s a bad idea here, but it is difficult to discuss it on internet forums in a coherent fashion.  It’s enough of a bad decision though, combined with several other bad decisions they’ve made, that if I could go back, I would reconsider my Kickstarter pledge to them.  And while I do still hope they are successful, I am not likely to be as excited or as blindly encouraging of their efforts as I have in the past.  If this comes off as sour grapes, so be it.  It’s still plenty early enough in the development cycle for things to change and for me to find my excitement again.  Time will tell.

On a more fun note, if you’re an Urbanite and you had a story from the old days you wanted to share, shoot me an email.  I’ve realized I talk a lot about my old super group without ever detailing why I thought they were so great.  So look for a post on that soon.

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