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Nova Praetoria1

Heya Urbanites.

As usual this will be a post updating everyone in my old super group (no it’s not a guild, why would you even call it that), on what’s going on with the group and where everyone is at, as well as posting about any interesting City of Heroes links I’ve come across.

The shot shown above is a composite image of Nova Praetoria, a zone from that game.  It’s a fun view and really showcases how great the zone was at the time it was built.  The viewing angle of the game prevented the above view from being seen in it’s entirety (you had to turn to take it all in), so this wasn’t a view that you could just get from playing.  This composite is the handiwork of one Thomas White and his other photos from the game are nothing short of breathtaking.

Did you know that there are still T-Shirts running around that you can buy from the game?  These shirts are awesome, but some what incomplete.

Lastly, I’m aware that there are chapters of the Urbanites running around in Guild Wars 2 as they were in the last update.  None will admit it to me though, so there is that.  There are also some table top games being run by several of my old SG team mates as well, so if anyone wants to get in on that, shoot me a line at LockOn@reportsfromthefield.com.

Comments appear to be working again, but it’s being dodgy on me, so please let me know if you guys encounter any problems.  I know some were having issues with login ID’s and registering with WordPress to comment, and I’m still looking into that.  In the meantime, hit me up at the above email address if you need me or give posting a comment a try and let me know how that goes too.

Next week, a big update from SOE live and Everquest Next.  They are going to revolutionize the MMO as we know it.  See you there!


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