Technical Difficulties

We’re late and light today due to a variety of technical difficulties.  Comments are still broken, and believe me, that is top of the list for fixing.  Hopefully, I’ll have them back on by next week at the latest.

In the meantime, to continue our Metroid theme from last week, go read this piece on Metroid, the movie “Alien,” and everything that’s wrong with the modern “Metroidvania” trend in gaming.  It’s written by Maddy Myers who has so much talent and ability that I both jump for joy when I see she’s written a new piece and also cry in jealous rage at just how easy she makes it look.

One particular point worth mentioning, harkens back to my recent article on nostalgia and modern video games.  Midway through, Myers makes the point:

I need these developers to give me a compelling reason why I wouldn’t just replay Super Metroid instead of their games…

This goes hand in hand with what I was very recently saying about modern developers.  Everyone seems to want to get back to those days when thee games were so good we’d risk parental fury for playing too long, but so few seem to have any idea how.  It’s very disappointing.  But more later, for now click the link and leave me to weep my jealous jealous tears.

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