Fun Metroid Links, Awesome Panels, and Broken Comments

This post from Bryce Mainville is a bit old, but every time Metroid is in the news it makes the rounds on Tumbler and Twitter and there’s a reason for that.

tumblr_mhkzmlhati1ql99qno1_1280Bryce makes a perfectly unassailable argument on why devs need to be better with female anatomy, why Samus Aran is completely awesome, and why Metroid: Other M is an awful piece of garbage that needs to die in a fire.  Go read it, it’s worth it.

The Mary Sue has the Comic-Con annual “Women Who Kick Ass” panel in it’s entirety on their site.  Aside from always being a great panel, what is especially fun about it is that the schedulers of Comic-Con always schedule the panel right before the biggest and flashiest event of the Con (this year it was the Marvel Cinematic Universe Panel).  According to event rules, if you want to keep your seat from one panel to the next, you are not allowed to leave.  Meaning that a bunch of dudes who did NOT want to hear about how awesome women are, had to sit through a panel devoted to showing why they’re wrong, if they wanted the MCU stuff.

Lastly, I’ve been made aware that there is an issue with comments on the blog.  Working on it and will update everyone when I have a fix in place, hopefully very soon.  See you then.

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