DC’s New Batgirl

I had been preparing to write up a post on everything that I had been playing lately this week.  But then I suddenly realized that I haven’t been playing that many video games and that’s something that needs correcting immediately!

So instead this week let’s take a peek at the new Batgirl that DC is unveiling for the fall.

batgirl-tarr-stewartThe redesign is amazing and the new creative team is starting in on the book this October.  I’ve been really hard on DC in the past, but this new direction for Batgirl is nothing but good.  Check out this link for more official art.  There are also links to the new creators on the book, and some of the works they’ve done in the past.  While this new direction is most certainly not for all of DC Comics, it’s a good start.  Next week, some actual video games to talk about.  Promise!


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