Summer Urbanite Update

Heya Urbanites,


So it’s only been a month since the last Urbanite update, right?  Right???  Summer has been surprisingly busy.  Anyway, let’s get to the update.

I am aware at the moment of a couple of gaming efforts taking place that everyone should know about.  First, there is a group that is playing around in Guild Wars 2 right now.  Ping me online here or in email to find out more information on the Urbanite effort in that game.  The rumors are that there are quite a few Urbanites giving it a try.  I myself will not be joining for what are hopefully by now, obvious reasons.  There has also been an effort to get a few inroads into DCUO, that has had some mixed success.  Also, I plan to check out Planetside at some point too thanks to a recommendation.  Let me know if anyone is interested in joining me there.  I’m also giving Divinity, Original Sin some play time too, though that is definitely not an MMO.

Since it’s been so long since the last update, Here are a few links from recent works that some might find interesting.  A few weeks ago I posted an in depth review of Classes in City of Titans.  This covers basically everything they’ve told us so far, and a few things they haven’t.

I also got into a forum fight.  It didn’t go well for me.  But hopefully you’ll be able to avoid the Sinister Six types of forum posters yourself.

We took a look at themeparks and MMO’s and how much they really aren’t all that alike and even if they are, why you shouldn’t be so quick to disdain them.

If you’re looking for good writing that isn’t from me, you can’t do better than Healing the Masses: A Cure for Questing.  J3w3l talks in depth about teaming in current gen MMO’s and it was an excellent analysis.  The rest of her site is regularly great too.

For a great wrap up of E3 you can’t do better the Jim Sterling’s 7 minute video summing things up.  Jim Sterling is definitely an acquired taste, but if you can get past his posturing in the first minute or two of the video, his summation is spot on.

And that’s all for this week.  As always let me know if you see something interesting or if a good game is going on somewhere.  Until then.  Later.


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