Film Crit Hulk Smashes Puny Parker

I’ve written so much about City of Heroes lately, that even I’m sick of the subject.  So let’s move on to other things.

Do you know FILM CRIT HULK?  He’s one of the smartest and most eloquent film critics and writers of content anywhere.  His reviews of movies and the subsequent breakdown of theme, character, and various other elements that go into a movie are some of the best anywhere.

Recently he turned his critical smashing hand on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  A movie I had the displeasure of seeing in the theaters and was so bad, even I was stunned by everything wrong with it.  In his review FILM CRIT HULK goes over the problems the movie had with it’s lack of theme, the very obvious idiosyncrasies that the writers are bringing to the script itself, and also covers all the reasons why this version of Peter Parker is actually a sociopath (not a hero).

Go check it out.

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