One Year of RFTF

Holy crap, that was fast.

Well this is fun.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a big fan of milestones and this is a big one.  While my original goal with this site was to provide my old super group with City of Heroes news and act as a kind of way point until a new home could be found, I’m pleased with how it’s turned out so far.  Still dropping news for my old CoH peeps (see below), still providing interesting news and tidbits about various video game things going on around the net, and also getting a free sounding board to sound off on everything from cultural issues, the future of computers, and even comics and other media.  I guess you could say I like field work.  And thanks for sticking out with me for a year, if you’ve been around.  If you’re new, feel free to check out some of the archives.

So, to City of Heroes news.  For the nostalgia fans, there’s these great t-shirts being offered for sale from the 5th anniversary of the game.  Highly recommended.  Also, recently Microsoft Executive Producer Kevin Perry sounded off on his love for City of Heroes.  It’s a nice piece though a bit of a let down for me.  He’s far too easy on NCSoft for how they handled the shut down, but so be it.  I think I’ve beaten that horse pretty hard enough.

As far as City of Titans itself, recent updates have been a bit frustrating.  Most of them have been technical demonstrations of what the Unreal 4 engine can do, and while I appreciate the steps that CoT is taking to try and get this right, the fact that we still have no demonstrable game assets yet, is troubling to me.  Troubling not from a I don’t think they can do it standpoint, but more from a why don’t they get it done NAOW, standpoint.  Fieldwork or not, it would still be nice to have a home to go back to.

Commenting for the site remains light, and while I do still regret turning off anonymous comments, it beats the heck out of the hours of manually removing the spam that would flood my comments folder for approvals.  So if you do feel like leaving a comment, please register and do so.  It only takes a second, I promise.

Site plans for the future are still in flux.  I know that at the 6 month mark I was ambitiously planning a site overhaul and some new things I think, but reality has set in on me on that one and changes to the site have progressed little beyond those original ideas thrown out in that post.  Maybe someday I’ll have time to get to them.  It helps not in the least that every new shiny that comes my way, I chase after like some dog barking at cars as they go by.  I like shinys.  It can’t be helped.

So looking back over the year, what are the things I’m most proud of writing thus far.  Let’s see.

  • I’m still a huge fan of that first month of blogging when I produced this piece asking the question “What kind of gamer are you?”  It remains one of my favorites even after all this time and was one of the more fun posts I worked on.
  • Also a favorite of mine from that month, my apology to everyone, everywhere, for all the knockback, ever.  Still sincere about that one too, by the way.  Even after all this time.
  • I defined the Force in May.
  • I also took the time to tell the long time editors, managers, and creators at DC Comics how to fix the DC Universe.  In two parts even.  Because clearly, I would know….
  • I offered up my opinion on the new D&D version 5.0.
  • We defined a new gaming term: Low-Energy Gaming.
  • And lastly we dove in deep and worked through a tough discussion of PvP and Gaming Culture in three parts.

And that wasn’t even half of everything.  There were lots of other stories and things I posted on that I didn’t include in the above list.  Keeping it short is hard.  Thanks for hanging out with me for a while here.  I hope you’ll check out some of those links and feel free to comment and tell me how wrong I am.  This was a good time and I’m so looking forward to keeping it going for another year.  See you there.


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