Spring Break as Hell Week

What a week, everybody.

So this week was supposed to be a deeper dive into PvP and Gamer Culture and try to address some of the shortcomings in my previous post on the subject.  Despite being the only post to ever generate some interesting comments at the site, there were some shortcomings in my own arguments that I desperately want to address very soon.  Sadly, I simply haven’t been free this week to allocate time to the subject the way it deserves.  For now I’ll link to a blogger named j3w3l and her piece on her site Healing the Masses on Changing Culture for Better Gamers, as a primer on the subject.  It’s a good read, so go check it out.

So it’s spring break here at LockOn headquarters, and I’ve been a busy little technological bee.  Aerated and reseeded the front and back yards on Monday (whoever invented the aerator is truly a sadist).  Cleared and cleaned out the elderly neighbors yard yesterday.  Today began installing a new shower in the master bathroom.  Oh, and did I mention that on Monday while aerating the yard, we cut the hard line to our internet service?  Yeah, the Lock-tot did NOT approve.  He takes his Mickey Mouse very seriously.

So got that fixed this morning before the remodel began.  Two more days of remodel though and then hopefully, a weekend of slowing down and maybe catching Winter Soldier.  But of course there’s another looming issue on the horizon…..

So one or two of you may remember that my laptop crashed on me last year.  Twice.  This week, I’ve noticed only a 5 to 10 frames per second rate of play on Everquest Landmark Closed Beta.  A quick look at my purchase history tells me that my laptop was bought in July of 2009.  Just 3 months shy of a 5 year old system.  This is all kinds of bad, but mostly I’m stuck wondering what to do.  I’ve been using a laptop for the last 5 years and it’s convenience is second to none, despite being a beefy gaming laptop that I can’t really take to bed with me.  But most of my gaming time these days, is done at night in my offic.  And when I do go away during the day, it’s to write or catch up on a movie or some such, and not to game.

So, what to do?  Buy another gaming laptop and be done with it, or go build a desktop machine of my own and pick up a chrome book (or just use the old laptop till it dies) for daily writing and stuff.  I’ve never built a machine of my own before and it feels like some deep nerd rite of passage that I just haven’t completed yet.  Building my own rig will also future proof me for several more years outside of what a laptop purchase would do.  That is appealing to me as well.  Cost is also an issue.  But it’s hard to beat the laptop for convenience.  So torn.

And stressed too.  Funding for a new machine will not come without sacrifices and it’s possible I could miss out on the whole Beta for Landmark and other things I want to do.  The Beta by the way is a great low-energy gaming experience.  Totally enjoying it right now, even though I can’t play it for crap.

Hmm, this entire post has mostly been one long whine, so sorry for that.  Next week, we’ll get to that discussion of PvP and Gamer Culture, and after that an Urbanite update for everyone.  Stay tuned.


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