Urbanite Update – Costumes and more

So, I just found out why we’ve gotten so few screenshots for City of Titans these past few months.  The reason is related to the announcement that Epic Games is making licensing for it’s Unreal 4 Engine super cheap.  What’s that got to do with us, LockOn?  We’re using Unreal Engine 3.


We’re not, and haven’t been for the past 4 months apparently.  Yesterday at 5pm on the forums, Warcabbit, current project lead for CoT announced that since December, City of Titans has been working in the Unreal Engine 4.  Everyone is super excited, and it’s a big deal.  It means we’ve got bleeding edge tech going into the project and we can rest easy that the best tech available is going to be utilized to make the game.  To get an idea of just how good it can be, here’s a demo of some clothing models made using Unreal Engine 4.  (No, there’s no sound in this video, stop adjusting the knob.)

Pretty sweet, huh?  And since costumes sets our theme for the week up nicely, let me throw some more costumes at you from some places that I have found.  First a quick link to some new clothing options coming in Everquest Next Landmark.  These options please me as there are distinct genres these clothing pieces represent and are thus indicative that we will have alternate settings besides fantasy in which to play.

And last but not least, for now anyway, some costume shots from the last update on City of Titans.  I love costumes guys, so this is really exciting news.

Yes, I know Wildstar is available for pre-order.  No, I will NOT be pre-ordering Wildstar.  Nor will I be post-ordering it, nor gifting it, nor pirating, etc, etc.  Why you shouldn’t either, next week!  See you later Urbanites.

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