The Release Date for D&D version 5 has been announced…

From The Escapist:

It’s no big secret that Wizards of the Coast is working on the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons to release this year, and courtesy of book retailer Barnes & Noble, we’ve got a look at the dates: A starter set will release for $19.99 on July 15th, with the Player’s Handbook releasing a month later on August 19 for $49.95.


$49.95 for the Players Handbook?  You figure $49.95 for the Dungeon Master’s Guide and at least the same if not more for the very first campaign book (probably Forgotten Realms).  So I’m looking at a minimum of $150 if I want to play D&D 5.0?  Taking a quick stroll down memory lane (and my bookshelf), I see my pristine, barely ever used, original 4.0 Players Handbook retailed for $34.95 ($39.95 in Canada, the poor fellows) at release.

You know, I try to avoid profanity on this site, just as a general rule.  I find it lessens the discourse, and while I’m not a good writer, I do know that I am capable of being better then that.





Who are you expecting to buy this game?  I don’t even know any adults who would throw down that kind of cash for your books, never mind the teenagers and other emo/goth/graveyard kids I would play with when I was in high school.  Let’s not forget, it’s a game that will come out in pieces, has a huge learning curve, requires significant up-front set-up to play, a group of friends, and will eventually in 5 years become obsolete anyway when you announce the release of version 6.  Oh, and don’t forget the $5 charge for D&D Online (that’s monthly by the way).

No thank you.  I’ll save that kind of scratch for a new gaming rig.  Or anything else.

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