Welcome back to the new year, Urbanites

Hey Urbanites,

Light posting today as I’m recovering from a sinus infection as well as having a multitude of pans in the fire right now.

MWM is now posting a weekly update to it’s website so check there for all the big news.

They are continuing to update their KS site with news there.  Those that contributed should be getting notified of those updates though.  Also there is a report of some email coming out of the Kickstarter on optional buy-ins, so if you participated in that, keep an eye on it.

Lastly, there is still a Saturday D&D game going on over the mumble server as well as various Friday night activities floating around, check in if you want to check them out.

Next week, I’ll have a post up here on the best console Nintendo ever built, that you never knew about.  So more meat then.  See you around the city!

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