Last Week’s Post and Happy Thanksgiving!

So last’s week’s post was a complete and utter disaster.  Barely above a ramble in coherence.  I apologize for allowing something like that to see the light of day.  Clearly, losing my system throws me off much more then I thought it did.  In the future, I’ll be taking steps to make sure that if I lose my system again, I either have something already written, ready to go, or I’ll at least make the effort to postpone any serious writing until I’m fully operational again.

Which I am, as of this point.  So there’s that.  Beyond that, this week all I wanted to say was Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy time during this holiday, no matter who you’re with or how you celebrate it.  Take care everyone.  A more solid effort will appear next week.  Have a great one!

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