Urbanite Update and Housekeeping Notes

Heya Urbanites!

So it’s been a while since I’ve last sent out a formal update.  The Kickstarter for City of Titans threw my whole update schedule into chaos.  Also a few other things came up that needed addressing too.  But we’re in the clear now so let’s get right to it.

City of Titans as most of you know finished very strongly with it’s Kickstarter, more then doubling it’s asking price for funding and also hitting 7 of it’s stretch goals.  These include things like a mac client at launch, Android and iPhone ports of the costume creator, and additional powers, auras, and costume sets.  A nice run for sure!  And I hope the industry will sit up and take notice now that we’ve raised over a half a million dollars of our own money to get this thing going.

The City of Titans developers took a week off after the Kickstarter to recover, but we should start getting more updates from them soon.  I am aware that they have been updating their Facebook page with more regular news then they have their Twitter account.  Since I do not use Facebook in any meaningful capacity, you’ll have to go find them there if you want the latest and greatest.  But their main page is here , and you can check out this space later on, for any news that I hear or gets passed to me.

As a reminder, Matt Miller has a bi-weekly column about MMO’s and gaming on MMORPG.com.  I’ve found his body of work there to be quite surprising in that some of the stances he’s taken on everything from alts to PvP are not what you might expect.  At some point in the future I’ll have to address some of it, but for now you can find his stuff at the link.

A regular game has surfaced again on Friday nights.  A group of our regular Urbanites can be found wandering the Shadowlands server of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  The mumble server is still online though it has changed IP addresses.  I’ll publish that information out separately for those that need it.

Lastly, a bit of housekeeping for those that may need to know.  Since I started the site, I’ve always maintained an open comment policy.  You show up, and say what you like, and off you go.  No muss, no fuss.  Unfortunately this past weekend the spam comments reached up over the thousand comment mark and all of them had to be manually purged from my comment system.  It’s partly why it takes so long for a comment to appear as I dread the act of managing this stream of garbage that hits me every day.

As a result I’ve had to change my system for comments.  Now you need a log in for the site.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal your passwords or anything.  Until right before posting time, I honestly didn’t know how it worked and still am on the fence about, to be honest.  But, I’m not requiring anything to create a log in, it’s the same as before.  Just pick a name you want while on the site and your password and you’re good to go.  While I wish I could keep the open comment system in place, administration for it is just too much for me to handle on my own anymore.  I hope you won’t look at this as a barrier to entry when looking at stuff on my site.

And that’s all I’ve got for right now.  As always check out some stuff here if you feel like it.  I’ve got what I think is a controversial argument on PvP up that I’m always interested in getting feedback on.  Take care and I’ll see you in the city.

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