A little something on the lighter side

One of my favorite sites on the web to keep an eye on is Project Rooftop.  They are a site dedicated to super-hero redesign and high quality artwork and it is a fun place to visit.  After the last 2 weeks of heavy stuff, I thought I’d lighten things up a bit and show off some great super-hero artwork, dedicated to redesigning contemporary super heroes in ways you may not think of.  Below are some of my favorite pieces from the site, but their back-gallery is huge and will cost you hours if you go looking through it.

Here’s a Robin redesign by Greig Rapson.


A Batman Mass Effect mash up by Adam Fisher:


A super fun Avengers/Justice League mashup by Eric Guzman:

And a bonus image from his deviant art page:

And there’s tons more of this stuff all over the place.  Hope you liked it.  Will see you next week.


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