City of Titans the new MMO from Missing Worlds Media has activated it’s Kickstarter!

First, apologies for the late post.  It would seem food poisoning wreaks havoc on blogging schedules.

But, to news!  We are finally getting our first peek at the game MWM has been working on and it is exciting!  I had another post planned for today but I got completely caught up in the Kickstarter excitement and have thrown all in on it.


Information is leaking out about game play and features.  We’ll have a costume creator with even more options in it then what City of Heroes had at it’s apex.  The archetype system will be significantly greater too.  While you choose a primary from a list of grouped primaries as CoH used to have, you’ll also have one of 3 specializations available to pick for your secondary, greatly impacting the kind of game play you’ll engage in.  For example, do you want to be a blaster with a ranged primary but strong defenses in your secondary?  You’ll be able to do that.  How about a mastermind who gets into the thick of things and mixes it up with your minions?  You’ll be able to do that too.

I approve of this system, though I’m terrified to think about how difficult it will be to get essentially 18 archetypes into the game at launch.  We’ll have to see how that goes.  The really good news though, is that if this Kickstarter is successful, the developers are promising that this is all the money they need to finish the game and get it to launch in the 2015 time frame they promised.  Making this Kickstarter work guarantees us a game.

So if you can, swing by their site and throw in some cash.  They have quite a few options for support, unlike many Kickstarter events I’ve seen.  This means you should be able to find an option for support that’s capable of working with your budget no matter how big or small it is.  I’ve been watching them since launch and in just the 34+ hours the KS has been alive, they’ve blown past their halfway point and as of this writing are at $173,164 of their $320,000 dollar goal.  That’s 54% in a day and a half.  If we can keep that momentum going, the game will be funded by the end of the day tomorrow!  Very exciting times indeed.

So if you haven’t already, swing by, watch the video, and kick in a couple of bucks if you can.  If you’ve done so already, congratulations and thanks for being a part of this community.  Next week, I put on my Nostradamos hat and explain why I think Microsoft is doomed.  DOOOOMMMMED I say!  See you then.


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