Six Months

So, I’m a big fan of marking milestones and celebrating special occasions and now seems like a really good time to stop and be thankful not only for the work I’ve been able to accomplish so far, but also to take stock and see how things are going.  This is my 25th official post and the end of my 6th month of blogging.  I started back in April, and looking back on what I’ve written, I’m actually quite happy with the way things have gone.  Twenty-five posts isn’t bad for a blog that originally promised only monthly updates.  The way I figure, I could take the next year and a half off and still be good on what I promised.  And while I haven’t gone back and re-read all of these old posts (nor will I), I stood by the quality of them when I hit the publish button way back when, and I’ll stand by it now.

As a City of Heroes news site, I’ve managed to publish regular updates on news and projects that have spun out from the defunct game.  It wasn’t easy.  The game has been offline for almost a year now.  Still, I’ve published a mass of news and updates from former devs as well as the exciting new projects that have spun up since it’s shutdown.  (Sidebar:  I will post when I hear more about the Kickstarter for MWM.  It’s still pending and we’re still waiting.)  I’ve gotten to post my opinion on things like the state of the gaming industry, good MMO’s, bad MMO’s, and a host of interesting games I’ve seen.  I’ve gotten to geek out about Star Wars and what I’d do to fix DC Comics.  Hopefully I’ve cemented my authority as a nerd to be reckoned with.  Or ignored completely, I’m not sure which.

And best of all, I’ve gotten to hear from you guys periodically.  Comments and page views are how I measure my self-worth now, and anytime I get a comment or more then 5 views, a little thrill goes up my spine.  The occasional email back and forth between old comrades is always nice to see as well.  Yes I said 5 views.  I’m not looking for world records here.  I’ll settle for acknowledgement of my existence……or not.

These are all good things.  I’m having fun writing and I think I’ll keep going.  There’s always news of some sort or other interesting thing coming out and there’s no shortage of topics to cover in the gaming and MMO space.  But, what else should I do here?  One thing for sure is to watch for the site to start changing and morphing a bit.  I’d like to start digging a bit deeper into the weeds of WordPress and start customizing the blog a bit more to my own tastes.  I’d like to add a blog roll, for stuff I keep an eye on that some of you may find interesting.  I’d like to find a better way to access old articles that are now “archived.”  And maybe, break away from this template and going with a more original look and feel.  We’ll see what time allows.

At the very least look for more from me in the future on the CoH successors and everything else related to that kind of news.  There’s also a lot of exciting updates coming out this week from Valve, and I may have some things to talk about on that front in the near future as well.

And now’s a good a time as any to ask.  What would you guys like to see me do?  What would you guys like to see me try?  To report on?  To talk about?  I’d say leave a comment but hah hah!  We know better then that don’t we?  But seriously, what would you guys like to read about?  Should I start trying to monetize the blog?  Do I start posting some original fiction?  If no, why not?  I’d love some feedback.  Can’t wait for what the next 6 months brings here on the blog.  Hope you’ll hang around and see it with me.

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