What I’m playing right now

So, the main game I’ve been running for a while is the Mass Effect series.  I recently finished up Mass Effect 3 and I was very happy and pleased with the way it ended.  It was a great sci-fi story and I love the universe that Bioware built with the game.  I am familiar with the controversy around the way that it ended.  Fortunately because I’m so stupidly slow and late playing the game, most of the issues that players had when the game was released, didn’t affect me.  Or at least not as much.  That doesn’t meant that those players didn’t have valid concerns at the time.  Based on the research I did after I finished the game, some of the issues that Bioware created with it, were quite legitimate and the fans were right to be upset about it.

So, I’m playing through that game series again right now from start to finish and enjoying my replays.  One of the nice thing about replays is that there’s no pressure to get through the end to see what happens.  I also recently played Dust: An Elysium Tale.  I can describe the game play as a side scrolling castlevania/metroid style fighting game.  It was put together by a single dude and offered through Steam.  The game was tons of fun, but not overly deep.  The flaw of having a one man team, sadly.  Still the story and art work was amazing.  Gameplay was smooth and because it wasn’t a fancy pants super realistic fighting game, it sang while I played it on my computer.  I highly recommend it if you get some free time and spare cash on Steam.  At 15 bucks for about 20 to 30 hours of great game play, it’s a good deal.

I meant to try out the Firefall open beta but as soon as I started it up, it made me want to play Mass Effect 3.  See above.  =)

At some point I will get to trying that game out again, but I’m in no rush right now.  I also want to try out Everquest Landmark when it comes out in the winter, and that’s about all I’ve got lined up on the PC right now.

The only console I have in the house with me right now is the Wii and my son and I have been going through the standard batch of Zelda games right now.  I finished playing Twilight Princess a while back and I have to say, the game was a huge disappointment.  I intend to write a review about that though so I’ll save that for another post.  We’re working through Skyward Sword but it has a lot of the issues that TP had, thanks to the motion controls.

And that’s all for what I’m playing at the moment.  Got anything good that I might like?  Let me know in the comments.

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