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Heya Urbanites.

Time for another run down of interesting CoH news I’ve come across lately.  Here we go.

  • First up, if you only read one thing, check out this new column in from Matt Miller, formerly Positron, lead developer of City of Heroes.  You did know he had a column online now, yes?
  • Probably the best of all the articles I’ve seen come out on Missing Worlds Media and the phoenix project can be found here.  Check it out for the latest news on one of the most promising replacement options for CoH out there.
  • Sean McCann, former CoH dev, offers his perspective on the highly ambitious and highly crazy-cool sounding Everquest Next coming out.  He helps put some of the hype in perspective and I think it’s a great read.
  • We’ve got another  2 part interview with the Missing Worlds Media crew here.  They were in the news quite a lot this month actually (which is good).
  • And finally, here are some comments from Tony V, head of the Titan Project, on the upcoming Kickstarter for The Phoenix Project.  It’s always good to hear from one of the luminaries of the community.

Quite a bit of news this month, Urbanites.  As always feel free to peruse the site for anything interesting that I have done you may like.  I did a big spread on Wildstar, another new MMO coming out this year that looks very promising.  As always feel free to start a discussion in the comments section and let us know what you’re doing or what you know.  Or even that you’re still alive.  See you in the City!

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