Spiritual Successors and the state of the Plan Z projects

For those that have an interest in a post City of Heroes game, Z. N. Singer has written the article I’ve been trying to write for months on the subject, and has earned my respect for articulating what a spiritual successor is and should mean.  As a bonus he/she also covers the 3 main Plan Z projects and is able to provide a status on all 3.  This was an interesting nugget on The Phoenix Project:

“Archetype selection has been brilliantly overhauled to allow for eighteen variations, not including masteries. Power creation and selection has been re-imagined to take advantage of the power of the Unreal 3 engine to create significantly greater amounts of flexibility and control for the player, for less effort on the part of the devs, allowing for much more rapid additions over time. Enhancements have been expanded into a layered system that tackles variety by giving the player even more ways to customize their power to match their expectations and replacing IO’s. Stealth is being made more meaningful, more dynamic. And the list goes on.”

Worth the read, go check out the whole thing.

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