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Has everyone seen this concept art work for a hypothetical Legend of Zelda game by Aaron Diaz?  Mr. Diaz is a web-comic creator and regularly produces the excellent Dresden Codak, as well as various other side projects that fall into the super-hero and video game sub-genres.

His most recent side project involved a complete revamp of The Legend of Zelda video game series with Zelda as the protagonist, out to rescue Prince Link.  The concept art he came up with is brilliantly thought-through and one of the most thought-provoking takes on the game series I’ve seen in quite some time.  It made me think of some other Zelda ideas while I was looking this over.

What about a game where a lone Gerudo thief named Ganon, must save his tribe from genocide as a power crazed princess, drunk off the power of her “visions” seeks to enslave and or destroy the kingdom around her.  His tasks are complicated by the fact that he must regularly rescue a bumbling young adventurer who is brave, but naive to the world, and who’s infatuation with the evil princess could end up killing them both.

This concept sounds fun but should never be brought up again until Zelda herself gets to be a regular hero of the series.  As making a girl the villain is a common enough trope, it’s something to be avoided, until her credentials as a hero can be well established.

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