Backups, Icon.exe, and Space Pirates! Oh my!

torchbearerSo I hope everyone had a good 9th anniversary of our game this past month.  Here are a few things to celebrate about it.  MMO Attack named City of Heroes the number 1 super hero mmo ever.  And Positron laid out another lore question and answer session about the game that can be found here.  It’s interesting stuff.  I do recommend it.

Today though, I’d like to skip quickly past the links and go through a few of the options available to you for preserving the game and the things you made in it.  Those of you who were tied into the Titan network know that they were doing some work along these lines, but the basic question of backups and recovering your game client are all worth researching.  Lucky for you, I’ve done it all so you don’t have to.

As far as backing up your existing client, the easiest way to do that is simply to copy the client software, folders and all, to a safe backup location.  The client is usually found in C:/Program Files/NCSoft/City of Heroes on a Windows machine, and moving it to a secondary hard drive or other disk media is as simple as copy and paste.  I do not recommend zipping or compressing the files as that could accidentally corrupt something and render your backup useless.  But also keep in mind that the client is almost 5 gigs in size, so your backup media will need a decent amount of space if you use this method.

The best way I’ve found to recover the client if you’ve lost it, is to go to the Titan Network and look for Icon.  Icon is a program the folks at the Titan Network developed that will allow you to run City of Heroes and access the costume creator.  The tool itself is nearly perfect and runs flawlessly.  The let down of course is when the tool lets you go all the way to the start tutorial tab and then throws up an error message because the map won’t load (because the map server doesn’t exist anymore).  But it’s still the best costume creation tool of any game out there and it’s great for building characters and getting the look you want down pat.

So, you could hunt through the Titan network for the appropriate links.  Or I could tell you to go here.  This link was added to the Titan Network a while back and has everything you could need in one place.  Follow the instructions and either download the torrent (using your own torrent client or get Tixati, it’s easy!), or sign up for SugarSync (like Dropbox, only I’ve never heard of it) and download it from their site.  I ran a test download of this with the torrent piece and once you install a torrent client on your machine it’s as simple as clicking the link to start the download.


How well the torrent is seeded at the time of click will determine the speed of your download, but it took me a little under 30 minutes to get the whole thing.  The very nice thing about doing it this way, is that the torrent, once it’s completed, will have everything you need in a folder called downloads on your desktop.  This version comes with the I24 beta client, and links for Icon.exe already set up for both the normal client options and the NPC version that will let you play with the NPC costume pieces as well.
















I highly recommend checking out the Cosmic Corsair costume set.  Something that was going to be an I24 surprise at some point that looked damn near amazing.  I’d show a picture of it, but I can’t seem to pull pics out of the Icon tool right now.  So go look for yourself!  Totally worth it.

At any rate, these are some options for getting a solid backup of the client and/or the Icon tool working.  The folder you get from the download should be movable and safe to store in any safe location for backups.  Have fun and try not to miss the game too much.

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