In which I, LockOn, apologize for all the knockback ever

Yes, this is another City of Heroes post.  Just saying.

So for those who don’t know me, I spent most of my life in City of Heroes as a blaster.  But I wasn’t just any blaster.  I was an energy blaster.  As such, all of my attacks possessed a significant amount of knockback in them.  An effect known to MMO players across the globe.  Over the years of playing LockOn, I developed what some would call, a problem.  You see, I love knockback.  I love it so much I cultivate it.  I encourage it.  I would seek out powers that contained it.  I would enhance it beyond it’s original capabilities.  I’d use it with relish and abandon, whenever I could, whether it was appropriate or not.  And it was always appropriate.  Always.  But there is a dark side to this sordid love affair.  And I realize, now that it’s all over, that my knockback was not the end all be all I thought it to be.  And there were many, many people that I hurt with my knockback.  This is now my attempt to apologize to all those over the years who suffered at my hands.  To seek some measure of penitence, over my own ego and poor decisions.  And to seek restitution to all those who paid for my love affair just by being in proximity to me.

2008-01-24 23:29:08

Oh my god, LockOn! Those were girl scouts! When will it end?!








To the melee specialists over the years, I want you to know how sorry I am.  I never realized how inadequate it must have made you feel to race across the battlefield, running up to a mob, and queuing your best attack, only to have your target shot out from under you.  The frustration of knowing that you were no longer in range of your target.  The loss of the endurance needed to power your best attack.  All of it dissipated into the ether, as the mob sailed away from you like a leaf on the wind.  The rage you felt, at surveying the battlefield around you and knowing you were just standing there looking like an idiot, while mobs flew and fell all around you.  How difficult it must have been for you, in the chaos of battle, to be forced to turn in the direction that said mob flew.  To take even a few steps towards that target.  To queue up another attack, ready to finish the mob off.  The pain that must have caused you.  Only to watch it’s hit points evaporate away as I fired on it from 80 feet away, killing it long before you could ever even make your futile attempt to close with it.  All you ever wanted was to kill some mobs.  It’s not like I couldn’t have selected a different target or anything.  Making you race from one target to the next all over the battlefield like a chicken with no head.  While I bathed the area in AOE’s you had no access to.  Attacking groups of targets that were so spread out you couldn’t have gotten them all anyway, though you did try.  How exasperating.  How dare I ruin your fun.  I mean, it’s not even like there were specific targets on the battlefield just for you and your skill-sets or anything.  I mean, bosses were for tanks, right?

Speaking of tanks, I must also beg your forgiveness as well.  How inconvenient I must have made your lives.  How wrong I was to refuse to allow you to just run into a huge spawn of mobs so you could just press one button and then sit back while they all lined up perfectly for you.  Giving you all the time in the world so you could take them down at your leisure.  The shallowness of my game play.  The pure laziness of my actions.  How dare I wait for you to squeeze them into a tight 8 foot radius around you, perfect for your own barely functional yet buffed to the max AOE and single-target attacks.  And how dare I then do my level best to hurdle the bodies away from you, like 100 pins in some crazy game of super bowling.  Why couldn’t I just be more aware of the required aggro management.  Or make myself cognizant of the needed battlefield positioning.  How dare I?  Who did I think I was?  Someone could have gotten killed with my behavior.  I mean, no one ever did.  Never EVER.  But hey, someone could have, right?

I mean I only played the worst designed archetype in the game for 8 years straight.  An archetype so poorly conceived, the development team spent 3 separate attempts over the 8 years of City’s existence, trying to balance and repair that broken design.  Something they never succeeded in doing, by the way.  It’s not like I ever had the mechanics in place to properly do my job anyway.  I never had real built in mez-protection.  Or defenses built specifically to allow me to get up close and take damage.  Or just to perform my role.  Hell, I can’t even claim that my archetype, the proto-typical DPS design of every MMO ever, was even able to claim the title of max damage dealer.  No, that title was held by the melee specialists.  And anybody else who wanted it and asked the Devs for it.

But none of that is an excuse for my behavior.  It wasn’t your fault, that you got all these great tools to operate with, while the one fun mechanic I had available to me, I used to the utter devastation of your own play styles.  Well, to the slight mild annoyance of your play styles, maybe.  I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.  Perhaps someday, I will forgive myself.

2007-06-10 16:26:25

No sweetie, you’ve got to go for center mass if you want to lift them off the ground….er….I mean, head shots kiddo. That’s the way to go.


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4 Responses to In which I, LockOn, apologize for all the knockback ever

  1. Gorgar says:

    As it is not for the mighty lion to apologize for his roar, it is not for you to apologize for the sacred knockback.
    –Standing Horse (illusion/storm controller)

    Ask not for whom the knockback tolls. Just fall over the cliff into the sea like good little wizards.
    –Storm Witch (storm/energy defender)

    You didn’t even have Bonfire, you noob.
    –Angel Witch (energy/energy blaster)

    You all SUCK.
    –Shadow Witch (dark/dark tank)

  2. PJ says:

    There wos so much knockback in this post it rebooted my tablet when I visited the site.

  3. LockOn says:

    Hah Hah! Collateral damage was always my specialty!

  4. dusk says:

    just be glad lazymice were soooo lazy… otherwise telekinesis tornado hurricane wheeeeee

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