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Hello and welcome.

So to kick things off, let’s talk City of Heroes news first.  There’s actually been quite a lot of activity on the web and for a game that’s been dead for 6 months, it’s actually quite surprising.

As this is the inaugural post of this blog, this is the perfect link to start things off.  Here is the Gamasutra article that gives an insider look into how City of Heroes was shut down and what the team at Paragon Studios was doing to try and prevent it.  It gives a pretty succinct recap of the end of City of Heroes and it’s also the first insider account we’ve gotten from anyone within Paragon Studios on the shutdown.  It’s still frustratingly empty when it comes to NCSoft information, but it’s still more then we’ve ever had before on what was happening when things went south.  There’s also a fabulous post from TonyV, the head of the Titan Network as the very first comment, detailing the efforts of the #SaveCoH movement.  Worth a read for sure.

In happier City of Heroes news, the game was inducted into the MMO Hall of Fame this week.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as an MMO Hall of Fame, but hey.  I’m not going to complain.  So yaay for that accomplishment.  Dead 6 months and still winning awards.

Lastly and perhaps most interesting from a City of Heroes standpoint, Matt Miller, former Development Head of Paragon Studios, has opened up a Google Docs document to take lore questions about the game.  Did you have a lore question that wasn’t answered in the last round of discussions before the game shut down?  Now’s your chance to get those questions in.  The doc will be open until April 20th and I suspect the plan will be to post the answers on April 29th, the 9th anniversary of the game.

And that’s all that I have for now.  For those Urbanites that are taking a peek around, make yourself at home.  And if you’re not an Urbanite and just wandered in here, welcome.  I actually had completely different plans for my inaugural post, as up until a few days ago there was nothing related to City of Heroes in the news at all.  The sudden burst changed those plans, but we will find other things to talk about in the future very soon.  Promise.

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